ERIC WEIL in BUENOS AIRES:  Four Argentinians have been named as United States Justice targets in their football corruption investigation though one of them, former AFA president and a FIFA vice-president, Julio Grondona, ]died last July.

Grondona’s involvement did not come as a surprise in Argentina or beyond. He was assessed as having benefited by millions of dollars from various sources, mostly for TV rights, during his presidency which would have made him the richest man in Argentina.

It is curious that the local tax collection agency ((AFIP) generally chases possible major big tax evaders only when they hear about them through the media. True to form a spokesman has now said the Grondona family’s resources will be investigated to check if the proper taxes were paid.

One of the sons, Humberto Grondona, coach of the Argentinian team just eliminated from the World Under-20 Cup in New Zealand, said he was not surprised at the furore. He said, when speaking with his father at the time, that irregularities in World Cup host voting had been mentioned.

Coach changes

Elsewhere in Argentina Newell’s Old Boys’ Americo Gallego became the 10th coach of the season to leaver, or was fired, by his club and the championship has not even reached the half-way stage.#

Many unlucky coaches are fired for poor results though blameless but many others are little better than mercenaries, because as soon as another club wants their services, they go, not thinking twice about breaking their contracts to perhaps earn a few more pesos.

Top marks then to the coaches of at least three clubs who, approached perfectly properly by Independiente, turned down the offers.

Finally, more hooligan trouble . . . a bus carrying Los Andes hooligans stopped when they saw a man wearing a shirt of neighbours Lanus. The hooligans got off and beat him up for no more apparent reason than that he was wearing the wrong colour in the wrong place at the wrong time.