AMMAN, Jordan: Today, Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan announced that he is standing for President of the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA).


Prince Ali has been a leader in international football for more than 15 years and is an outspoken advocate of the need for FIFA to focus on international development, transparency and good governance.


He was the sole challenger to embattled outgoing FIFA President Sepp Blatter during the last election earlier this year, and has been the leading voice calling for substantive reforms at FIFA.


“We must take back the game we love,” Prince Ali said during his announcement speech. “We must return to what makes football the greatest sport on Earth: hope, dignity, excellence and opportunity.”


Prince Ali stressed in his speech that football is a game that should be available to everyone. “It is a game that transcends class, creed and national boundaries,” Ali said. “My ambition now is to make FIFA worthy of representing the greatest sport and the greatest fans on the planet.”


Prince Ali was first named President of the Jordan Football Association in 1999 and in 2000 founded the West Asian Football Federation to strengthen relationships in the region.


Driven by his belief that football’s leaders must continue to support the game around the globe, Prince Ali launched the Asian Football Development Project in 2012. The non-profit development project aims to develop football across Asia, with a focus on youth development, empowering women, social responsibility, and the protection and evolution of the game.


FIFA’s member nations will vote to elect a new president in February 2016.




For more on Prince Ali’s distinguished background as leader in football development and his vision for the future of FIFA, visit You can also join the conversation at Twitter hashtag #AliForFIFA.  


Prince Ali’s Media Team




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