ASUNCION: The  Copa Libertadores, South American equivalent of the Champions League, could adopt a single-match final rotating annually between all 10 member nation of continental confederation CONMEBOL.

Discussions for a streamlining of the competition, which was launched in 1960. have been confirmed by CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez.

The Libertadores currently employs a complex three-stage system culminating in a final staged over two legs. Dominguez said the body was studying the employed by European governing body UEFA for its Champions League.

He was keen to introduce a single showpiece final for the Libertadores and has hinted that CONMEBOL Conmebol may invite clubs from  central and north Amerian confederation CONCACAF.

He said: “We have a plan for scheduling which will last for a full year. CONMEBOL has always determined those decisions unilaterally, but from now on we want to include many other sources and be open minded.

“We are looking at the possibility that the Libertadores may take place in association with our sister organisation, Concacaf, and currently have studies being done to see if it could work.”

Concerning the current system employed for the Copa Libertadores, he added: “I never agreed with this format because it interrupts other very important competitions, while also lasting too long.

“That also puts a burden on teams which have to make many modifications. So we have to redesign everything, while including everyone on the table We need to have an open door policy with all the clubs on this issue so that we can adapt to their needs and circumstances, not the other way around.”

Paraguayan Dominguez was elected in January as new head of CONMEBOL whose old officials have been indicted by the United States authorities in the FIFAGate corruption scandal.