BRASILIA: Brazil’s government has authorised an emergency cash transfer of $850m for the state of Rio de Janeiro to support infrastructure projects and security for the Olympic Games.

The authorisation has been confirmed after Rio’s Acting Governor, Francisco Dornelles, declared a state of financial emergency on Friday because of ‘financial calamity.’

The state missed interest payments with banks in May, with the delays leading to complications regarding the completion of a new subway line in the heart of the city.

The state’s Official Gazette, which confirmed the authorisation, said that emergency measures had been required to avoid “a total collapse in public security, health, education, transport and environmental management.”

Rio MayorEduardo Paes, has vowed to step up security measures after an Australian Paralympic sailor and team official were robbed at gunpoint. The Australian Olympic Committee called on Rio to do more to protect visiting athletes.

Paes insisted that Rio would be safe during the Olympics with the presence of 85,000 police and soldiers.