ZURICH: Former South African Football Association president Kirsten Nematandani is facing a minimum six-year ban for alleged ethics violations.

The proposed ban arises from a FIFA ethics chamber investigation into the organisation of international friendlies in South Africa ahead of its hosting of the 2010 World Cup.

Former Zimbabwe FA executive Jonathan Musavengana and former Togo coach Banna Tchanile are facing life bans. The pair are charged with alleged bribery and corruption violations.

The investigatory chamber will now pass its findings to the panel’s adjudicatory chamber. It has also proposed Nematandani be fined at least $10,400.

In December 2012 Nematandani – then serving as SAFA president – was suspended by FIFA over “compelling evidence” that friendly internationals were fixed by Far East betting syndicates.

SAFA had been infiltrated by convicted Singaporean match-fixer Wilson Perumal and his Football 4U organisation.

Perumal organised referees for the games against Thailand, Bulgaria, Colombia and Guatemala, the outcomes of which were found to have been pre-arranged to benefit an Asian betting syndicate.

In January 2013 Nematandani was reinstated as SAFA president but not exonerated and he was replaced the following September after failing to earn a nomination in SAFA elections, by Danny Jordaan.