FRANKFURT: The executive committee of the European Olympic Committees’ has welcomed the release on bail of its president, Patrick Hickey, from a jail in Rio de Janeiro in the ongoing Games ticket touting case.

Hickey, also head of the Olympic Council of Ireland and a member of the executive board of the International Olympic Committee, has arrested during the Rio Olympics in connection with allegations concerning the miss-sale of tickets.

He has stepped down from all his formal positions while contesting the charges.

The EOC, after a meeting at the Frankfurt offices of the German Olympic sports federation (DOSB), said: “The EOC welcomes the news that Patrick Hickey has been released from preventative custody in Bangu maximum-security prison.

“We believe this was the correct decision as it respects the dignity and fundamental human rights of Mr Hickey.

“The EOC respectfully requests that these rights continue to be respected, including the principle of proportionality when under criminal investigation and Mr Hickey’s presumption of innocence.

“The EOC executive committee fully respects the Brazilian judicial procedures and it is not our intention to comment on, nor question, any matter relating to a specific legal case in Brazil.”