—- The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has passed two decisions relating to third-party influence on clubs concerning an agreement signed by SE Palmeiras of Brazil and LDU Quito of Ecuador.

SE Palmeiras was sanctioned with a fine of CHF 50,000 and a warning for breaching art. 18bis of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (2010 edition). The club was found to be liable for entering into a contract that enabled the other party to the contract, LDU Quito, to influence the club’s independence in employment and transfer-related matters.

On the other hand, all charges against the club LDU Quito of Ecuador were dismissed given that SE Palmeiras was not granted any ability to influence LDU Quito’s independence in employment and transfer-related matters.

The ban on third-party influence, which is set out in article 18bis of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, has been in place since 1 January 2008. The contents of the article in question were amended on 1 January 2015. Both decisions have been passed on the basis of art. 18bis of the 2010 edition of the regulations, which, unlike the current edition, did not provide for any legal basis to sanction the counter-club, namely LDU Quito.

The relevant parties have been duly notified today of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s decisions.


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