NEW YORK: Robert L Capers, the man in overall charge of the FIFAGate corruption case, is among 46 United States Attorneys who have resigned on the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The 46 were appointed by President Barack Obama to resign. No new attorneys have yet been nominated and several are understood to have been asked to remain in position during a transitional phase.

Robert Capers has been heading the Eastern District which includes Brooklyn whose court system has been processing the 40-plus football and sports marketing executives indicted over the $200m bribery and fraud investigation.

The extent and reach of the investigation was revealed by the then Attorney-General Loretta Lynch in May 2015 after the detention of seven international football bosses in Zurich on the eve of FIFA Congress, ahead of their extraditions.

The first sentences to men who have pleaded guilty are scheduled to be handed down in June. A trial date for those pleading not guilty has been set for November.

Capers, in a statement, said: “I was instructed to resign my position as United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, effective March 10, 2017.

“It has been my greatest honor to serve my country, New York City and the people of this district for almost 14 years, with the last 17 months serving as United States Attorney.”

Bridget M Rohde is serving as Acting US Attorney.