ERIC WEIL in BUENOS AIRES: All last week, the Argentinian football federation’s president, Carlos Tapia was talking about meeting national team coach Edgardo Bauza, but never did, This week however Bauza’s

representative was due to meet with Tapia who says the decision has been taken, but has not officially revealed what it is.

The issue is finance. The main candidate to take over as coach was Chilean Jorge Sampaoli but only to obtain his release from Spain’s Sevilla would cost the €1.5m and he wants a contract until the World Cup in 2022.

To cancel Bauza’s contract would  cost  $900,000 and a meeting this week with his representative might be to persuade him to reduce the amount.

The AFA owes previous coach Gerardo Martino 13 million pesos as he was never paid and his lawyer has come to an agreement with the AFA but has not said what the agreement is.

But Martino’s coaching staff is suing the AFA for $3m.

Also mentioned as a possible coach, but not officially, is Carlos Bilardo under whom the  World Cup was won in 1986. He was a good leader and managed the players well.

Also undertaking legal action  Racing Club’s former coach, Facundo Sava is suing the club for 8.60 m pesos to pay the rest of his contract when he was dismissed.

Super league again

The so-called Super League will be played from July until June next year with 28 clubs with four being relegated and two promoted to reduce it to 20 clubs.

Marcelo Tinelli, the main candidate to take charge of it, says it will bring in more money for clubs, but they will also have to show accounts with those who lose money having to accept the consequences, but it was not explained what these consequences will be.

Fox and Turner, who won the contract to televise matches, were due to pay $25m this week and $700,000 before May 5 then, during the competition, a further  $180,000 in 12  instalments.

While it is due to be confirmed, some 78pc of the money will go to the Super League (which is being organised independently from the AFA) and 28pc to the AFA. The televising of matches is expected to be better, but it will not be free anymore.