TURIN: Hundreds of men, women and children were hurt in a stampede in the Piazza San Carlo in Turin where a crowd of 30,000 Juventus fans gathered to watch a transmission of the Champions League Final.

Estimates of the numbers involved varied between 600 and 1,400. Juventus club officials issued statements of concern immediately after the match in Cardiff.

Police said that loud explosions had prompted fears of a bomb which sparked the panic. Most of those injured were treated for cuts, bruises or shock.

The incident erupted as fans were starting to leave the Piazza shortly after Real Madrid scored their third goal in what proved a 4-1 defeat by Juventus.

Uncertainty exists about the causes of the explosions. Early reports blamed firecrackers and another suggested it was the sound of the collapse of the railing of a stairway to an underground car park.

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