LONDON: World football federation has been accused of not doing enough to crack down on disciminatory chanting by fans after issuing the latest round of fines and warnings.

FIFA has the utimate power of deducting points of even disqualification but these remain only threats. Piara Power, head of fairplay monitoring group FARE, said: “It’s fine after fine but harsher punishments are needed.”

Earlier this week Argentina were fined 75,000 Swiss francs (£58,127) for two incidents, while Chile were fined 35,000 Swiss francs (£27,000) having been punished for homophobic chanting on eight previous occasions during the past two years. Chile had also received a stadium ban during that period.

Other countries disciplined included Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama while Hungary were fined for homophobic chanting during last months home match against Portugal.

Five European sides, including world champions Germany, were fined for discriminatory behaviour by their supporters.

Last year Mexico’s national team attempted to raise awareness by launching an anti-homophobia campaign, which was fronted by high-profile players such as West Ham striker Javier Hernandez. The country has now been fined nine times for homophobic chanting during this World Cup qualifying campaign.

In 2015, FARE was tasked by FIFA with monitoring discrimination during the World Cup qualifiers.

Powar added: “If you look at the disciplinary code it does not specifically mention homophobic chants. Those regulations need to change.

“We continue to have conversations with FIFA and will meet them again to discuss the issues next year.”