NEW YORK: Jeff Webb, the former vice-president of FIFA, has been ordered to make a $6.7m restitution payment ahead of his sentencing on corruption charges in New York.

Webb, a former president of the central/north American confedration CONCACAF and head of the Cayman Islands Football Association, was among seven men detained on a United States extradition application from Zurich in May 2015.

The 53-year-old is scheduled to be sentenced in New York on March 7 after six postponements. He is currently living under house arrest at a home in Georgia which he is reportedly due to sell to help meet agreed court orders.

Rosell refusal

In Spain a national court has maintained the freezing of former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell who is in detention pending charges over his alleged involvement in the laundering of illicit commission for the rights to matche played by the Brazilian national team.

He had requested that his assets be unfrozen in order to meet bills for the payment of taxes, salaries and social security fees, as well as electricity, water, internet, telephone and television bills.

A court statement said: “Pending a police report, the defence has not provided any evidence of the activity of the aforementioned companies.”