MADRID: Spanish prosecutors in Valencia have demanded a sentence of two years in prison and six years’ suspensions for the players, coaches and managers involved in an alleged matchfix between Levante and Zaragoza in the 2010-11 season.

The accused include 42 players – including Atletico Madrid captain Gabi and Manchester United’s Ander Herrera – as well as the then Zaragoza coach Javier Aguirre and other officials.

In January the case was revived after having been halted last July on the grounds that the prosecution had failed to prove that any monies had reached Levante players.

All accused have denied the charges.

If found guilty it is unlikely than any would serve any jail time through the absence of previous convictions and the sentence being less than two years. However the Spanish authorities would seek to have any suspensions extended internationally.

Aguirre, a former national coach of Mexico, is also under investigation over allegations of matchfixing in a game between Osasuna and Espanyol in 2013-14.