NYON/LONDON:¬†Mark Sampson was being investigated by European federation UEFA for brandishing a metal pole while verbally abusing an official before his sacking as England women’s manager.

The incident took place after his side’s defeat by hosts Holland¬† in last year’s European Championship semi-finals. UEFA punished Sampson with a three-match ban for the offence – after he was sacked – and which, bafflingly, has only just emerged.

Sampson, 35, was dismissed for “inappropriate and unacceptable”behaviour in a previous role.

Documents published on the UEFA website contain details of Welshman Sampson’s “aggressive and insulting” behaviour towards officials at the match last August 3.

They say that in the 60th minute, Sampson was verbally abusive to the UEFA venue director, telling her: “You better sit down, you little shit!”

The UEFA report continued: “After the game, the referee liaison officer was standing outside the referee changing room when [Sampson] shouted aggressively at her: ‘You’re a fucking disgrace, it’s a fucking shame.’

“He then picked up a metal pillar raising it above his head aggressively before throwing it down hard against the floor, shutting the door to the corridor, saying: ‘I’m going to close the fucking door in your fucking face.’

UEFA said the FA had accepted the charges against Sampson, who had apologised.

Former Manchester United defender Phil Neville was appointed as Sampson’s permanent successor in January, when he signed a contract until 2021.

On Friday, England women moved up a place to second in the Fifa world rankings, their best ever position and the highest ever by an England team.