ZURICH: Osiris Guzmán, the president of the Domincan federation who once compared Sepp Blatter with some of the greatest names in history, has been suspended from football.

Guzman has been banned from all involvement in the game for 90 days pending a full inquiry by the world federation’s ethics committee.

He earned his brief place in the world game’s spotlight in April 2015 at the congress of the central and north American confederation CONCACAF by likening then-FIFA president Blatter to Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ, Winston Churchill, Moses and Martin Luther King.

At the time Blatter was standing for re-election to leadership of FIFA. He was duly re-elected six weeks later but only after the explosion of corruption allegations against senior members of the organisation.

The ban means Guzman cannot represent Dominica at the FIFA Congress in Moscow next week though this will not prevent his federation from voting in the 2026 World Cup ballot.

Guzman is reportedly under investigation over claims that FIFA funds were diverted for political purposes in the sense that Guzman permitted a political meeting to be held on federation’s premises.