LONDON: Leaders of the United 2026 bid to win World Cup host rights have said they are unaware of any perceived concerns about the effect on their prospects of the politicies of US President Donald Trump.

The congress of world federation FIFA will vote next Wednesday between the rival 2026 bids from Morocco and from the co-hosting proposal set up by the football federations of the United States with Canada and Mexico.

A FIFA evaluation task force marked United positively on its plans featuring complete existing infrastructure, record revenues and access to the world’s richest economy. Morocco scored poorly in sectors of ¬†stadia, tramsport and¬† accommodation but claims important support among FIFA’s 200-plus national associations.

Uncertainty has surrounded the influence – either way – of President Trump’s outbursts including his description of some developing nations as “shithole countries.”

However Carlos Cordeiro, head of the US Soccer Federation and joint leader of United 2026, said in London that Trump’s name had not been raised in the many meetings he and his partner nations had undertaken with FIFA’s member associations.

He said: “They want to know about visas for their players, staff and fans but they haven’t mentioned Trump.”

Cordeiro repeated his oft-stated reminder that Trump had written to FIFA on May 2 to confirm an earlier promise from the US government that fans, players and staff from around the world would be free to enter the country for the tournament without problems, provided they did not have criminal records.

Ticket-holding supporters would be issued with a Fan-ID similar to the one being used at the imminent World Cup in Russia which would permit free movement between the host nations for the duration of the World Cup.