KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS: Trouble is building up for Ahmad Ahmad, president of the African football confederation, only weeks before FIFA Congress in Paris.

Media reports in Africa have stated that, despite a cloak of Zurich secrecy, Ahmad is the subject of an early inquiry by the world federations’ ethics commission into allegations of corruption and sexual harassment.

Many critical rivals in African football have never forgiven the former head of the Magadascar FA for ousting long-serving Cameroonian Issa Hayatou at the head of CAF in 2017.

An decisive opportunity to step up the pressure on Ahmad arose after a complaint was filed with the ethics committee by Egyptian Amr Fahmy when he was on his way to being sacked by Ahmad earlier this year as secretary general of CAF. He had accused Ahmad of corruption and abuse of power, accusations the president has denied.

Fahmy claimed that Ahmad had paid sums of up $20,000 to several presidents of African federations Рincluding those of Cape Verde and Tanzania Рspent more than $400,000 on cars in Egypt and Madagascar where he set up a satellite office and spent a disputed $830,000 by ordering equipment via a French intermediary company called Tactical Steel.

At least four CAF female employees have alleged sexual harassment.

Ahmad replaced Fahmy with the Moroccan Mouad Hajji.