SAO PAULO: Brazilian superstar Neymar broke off from preparations for the Copa America over the weekend to reject accusations of rape.

The 27-year-old Paris Saint-Germain forward, who is the subject of speculation about a transfer back to Barcelona, said he was ready to publish messages exchanged on social media to “prove that nothing really happened” and that he had “fallen into a trap.”

The allegations came a year after a highly publicised instance in which fellow superstar Cristiano Ronaldo denied sexual assault claims registered by an American woman.

Neymar told his own social media followers: “From now on I will reveal everything, all the conversations, I had with the girl, all our moments, which are intimate, but it is necessary to be open to prove that nothing really happened.”

He continued: “What happened that day was a relationship between a man and a woman within four walls, something that happens with all couples. The next day nothing happened, we continued exchanging messages.”

A complaint against Neymar was registered last Friday in Sao Paulo by the women who accused Neymar of raping her in Paris.

Neymar said: “[The accusation] took me by surprise . . . because those who know me knows about my character and my integrity, know that I would never do such a thing, it was a trap and I ended up falling, but this will serve as a lesson from now on.

“There are people who want to take advantage, extort other people, it’s really sad, painful, not only does it hurt me, but my whole family (…) I was raised very well, being exposed to this is very sad, very bad.”

The victim, who has not been named publicly, reported in her complaint that she met Neymar through social networks and that he later arranged to meet in the French capital.

She waited at the Hotel Sofitel Paris Arc du Triomphe, where Neymar arrived at around 8pm, “apparently intoxicated.” She accused Neymar of an assault against her will.