—- The Higher Regional Court revises the LG: The affair for the summer fairy tale ends up in court. However, the chamber responsible there is only new to fill.

After the Regional Court (LG) Frankfurt had refused in October 2018, an opening of the main proceedings in the Sommermärchen affair, the Higher Regional Court (OLG) revised this decision.

That means: The former DFB President Dr. Ing. Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Niersbach, the former Secretary General Horst R. Schmidt and his FIFA counterpart Urs Linsi must go to court. You are accused of tax evasion or the aid to it. Twenty’s lawyer Hans-Jörg Metz sharply criticized: “It’s amazing that in the Higher Regional Court decision, the statements of the prosecutor’s office are printed verbatim and our detailed comments are completely omitted.”

Before 2020, the start of negotiations is unlikely. For the presiding judge of the competent 2nd Criminal Division at the LG, Martin Bach, will retire later this year. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the kicker. The replacement of the chamber should then take place quickly, the spokesman said. Afterwards, the scheduling will take place with the defenders.

There is no influence on the further progress of a lawsuit Zwanzigers against investigating prosecutor Dr. Anna-Elisabeth Krause- Indulgence
with the charge of false suspicion, which is currently pursuing the prosecutor Darmstadt, to consider any suspicion. At a press conference around two weeks ago, the 74-year-old had prophesied: “I will not be sentenced in Germany and not in Switzerland.” Zwanziger, like Schmidt and Linsi, is accused of fraud by the Confederates, Niersbach being accused of fraud. The local case against the key figure Franz Beckenbauer, who is not charged in Germany, was separated.

The former OC chief of the 2006 World Cup in 2002 had borrowed € 6.7 million from Adidas boss Robert Louis-Dreyfus, who died in 2009, and paid the money to former FIFA Vice President Mohamed Bin Hammam, who was arrested in 2011 for corruption (Qatar). transferred. 

Beckenbauer’s fault with Louis-Dreyfus paid the OK in April 2005 via FIFA, but purpose was an additional payment to the later canceled
World Cup opening gala. At the heart of it is the question of whether the repayment for Beckenbauer, who claims to have made a 170 million grant for the World Cup with the payment to Bin Hammam, is to be seen as an operating expense. The LG had initially affirmed it, despite its contrary purpose, because it saw a fee for Beckenbauer. To date, the exact background of the 2002er payment are unclear.