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October 15, 2019

Bulgarian federation charged by UEFA over racist chants and Nazi salutes

NYON:  European football federation has charged the Bulgarian football union over the racist behaviour of its fans at Monday’s Euro 2020 qualifier against England.

The Football Association has also been charged for the disruption of the Bulgarian national anthem by England fans and for having an insufficient number of travelling stewards.

Item No1 on the UEFA charge sheet was the reference to chants and Nazi salutes by home fans. Both FAs were charged over the disruption of national anthems and among the other charges was one for the BFU relating to the throwing of objects from the stands.

The anti-racism pressure group Kick It Out has led calls for UEFA to consider excluding teams from major tournaments to tackle discrimination.

The most likely punishment for Bulgaria is having to play their next home game behind closed doors. That was Montenegro’s punishment after England’s players endured similar racial abuse during the qualifier in Podgorica in March.

Also today [Tuesday] two dozen police officers raided the BFU’s headquarters in Sofia as the latest stage of an investigation into corruption concerning the appointment of referees.



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