TOKYO: The Tokyo 2020 Olympics organisers have revealed ‘United by Emotion’ as the official Games motto.

It explained that the motto sought to underline the power of sport to bring together people from diverse backgrounds so they may celebrate “in a way that reaches beyond their differences.”

A statement added:

The Games Motto encapsulates the Games vision, capturing the essence of the ideas and concepts that the host city wishes to share with the world.

“United by Emotion” expresses the hope that the spectators, volunteers, and athletes from over 200 National Olympic Committees and the Refugee Olympic Team gathering in Tokyo this summer, as well as the billions watching on television and online across the globe, will come together and understand that there is more that unites than divides them.

Tokyo 2020 has also created a concept video featuring Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka to share the key messages behind the Tokyo 2020 Games Motto with the world.

The Games Motto will be displayed — in English only — in a variety of environments and applications, such as at competition venues, on city street decorations and on licensed goods. It will also feature in digital media, ensuring worldwide attention.

This Motto summarizes the ideas and concepts that the host city of Tokyo wishes to share with the world.

While reflecting the essential values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Motto incorporates a specific and timely message embracing diversity, reflecting the 2020 zeitgeist in the urban environment of Tokyo.

The Games will bring together athletes from more than 200 National Olympic Committees and the Refugee Olympic Team, as well as millions of spectators and media representatives.

In this age where we so often connect with others without physically meeting, the Tokyo 2020 Games will inspire countless new face-to-face encounters among those participating in and watching events.

The Games will provide a time and a place where an astounding variety of people—different nationalities, ethnicities, races, genders, cultures, as well as those with and without impairments—can meet and get to know each other and look beyond their differences.

Sport gives people the opportunity to experience a variety of emotions and passions, and the Tokyo 2020 Games will allow people to witness the courage and competitive spirit of the athletes and voice their support.

Crowds of spectators who do not know each other prior to the Games will come together and learn that there is more that unites them than divides them. This is precisely the power of sport – its ability to connect people through their emotions and it is what Tokyo 2020 intends to depict with the Motto “United by Emotion”.