Luis Chiriboga, former president of the FEF, teaches how to make a homemade mask

xxx Little was known about the life of Luis Chiriboga Acosta, former president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), since he left Ambato prison on September 12 of the previous year, where he was serving his sentence when found guilty of money laundering in the FIFAGate case.

However, the former leader, who was at the forefront of Ecuaf Fútbol in the qualifications for the World Cup Japan Korea 2002, Germany 2006 and Brazil 2014, appeared yesterday April 2 on social networks and did so by giving an instruction on how to make homemade masks to avoid spread by coronavirus.

Didn’t I know this influential Luchito?

– José Carlos Crespo (@josecarloscresp) April 3, 2020

In the video, Chiriboga puts on glasses and takes a material that puts it on his face, with which at the same time he details how the spread of COVID-19 can be avoided by using that protection element.

In the end, with the improvised finished mask on his face, the former manager gives a message saying that the safest thing in these times of the pandemic is to stay home.

After his release from prison, Chiriboga must appear before the authorities every Thursday for 26 months after availing himself of the semi-open regime.

The former FEF head was sentenced to six years in prison for money laundering after being arrested on December 4, 2015, linked in the FIFAGate case, an investigation that was initiated by the United States Attorney, but passed the majority of the sentence in his department in Quito, where he currently resides.

According to article 698 of the Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP), for a prisoner to be released “compliance with at least 60% of the sentence imposed is required”. This was accepted at the time Chiriboga.