LISBON: Rui Pinto, the Portuguese computer specialist behind the Football Leaks revelations, has been released from prison to house arrest pending trial.

Among the terms agreed in court Rui Pinto has agreed to decrypt files on hard drives seized when he was arrested in Hungary before extradition.

He is accused of computer fraud and faces 90 charges in the so-called ‘Doyen case’ concerning the alleged misuse of sensitive information about transfer market activities and the roles of senior figures in Portuguese club football.

Rui Pinto’s lawyers have confirmed the deal with the judiciary.

A statement said: “The preventative detention measure applied to Rui Pinto having been revoked, he is now subject to an obligation to remain in housing, combined with a prohibition of access to the internet.”

On January 17, the Lisbon Criminal Instruction Court decided to try Rui Pinto for 90 crimes of illegitimate access, improper access, violation of correspondence, computer sabotage and extortion after dropped 57 of the 147 crimes on which he had originally been accused.

Rui Pinto’s lawyers describe him as a whisteblower, for the judiciary he is considered a hacker.