FRANKFURT/LONDON: In-place television contracts mean that UK football fans starved of elite league football since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic will be able to watch the German Bundesliga’s resumption on BT Sport.

All nine games across the weekend will be available to established subscribers and day-pass purchasers after the league’s 61-day hiatus. The channel will broadcast every match through to the end of the seaason – whenever that may be.

Borussia Dortmund v Schalke in the Revierderby at the Westfalenstadion in the outstanding match on Saturday.

Other standout fixtures on Saturday are RB Leipzig’s home clash with Freiburg and Borussia Mönchengladbach’s later trip to Eintracht Frankfurt. Champions Bayern Munich travel to Union Berlin on Sunday.

The BT Sport coverage will be presented remotely from the UK with ex-Bayern and England midfielder Owen Hargreaves among the analysts.

Over in Germany these are the stadium attendance protocols:

** A maximum of 300 people will be permitted at the stadium at any given time.

** A maximum of 10 journalists will be permitted to attend, with social distancing regulations in force. They must undergo temperature checks before entering the stadium.

** The press room and mixed zone will be closed and news conferences will be virtual.

** Stadiums will be divided into three zones — interior, stands and exterior — with a maximum of around 100 people allowed in each zone at a time.

** Zone 1: The interior zone includes the pitch, tunnel and dressing rooms and will allow only players, substitutes, coaching staff, referees, ball boys, medics, security, hygiene staff and certain media personnel.

** Zone 2: The stands will be empty but the zone also includes the media box, cameramen and those working in the control room.

** Zone 3: The exterior zone includes the stadium property outside the arena. The police have jurisdiction in the public space outside this zone.

** Staff required for match and stadium operations are limited to the absolute minimum.

** Each club must appoint a medically trained hygiene officer to enforce rules.

** Only four ball boys, aged at least 16, will be present on the pitch during the match and they must regularly disinfect their hands. Match balls will also be disinfected before and during the game.

** Mascots and children will not be allowed and there will be no pre-match handshakes or team photos.

** Two anti-doping rooms must be set up to ensure players from both teams keep their distance.

** Everyone except for active players and on-pitch referees must wear face masks. This includes coaches and substitutes if they are not separated by a sufficient distance on the benches.

** No catering staff will be allowed in the stadium and each team’s meals should be prepared and packaged by the team chefs in advance and brought into the stadium.