Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – September 9, 2020 – Today, at precisely 20:27 local time, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) officially announced the launch of their campaign to host the 2027 AFC Asian Cup. Focused on the future, the bid of Saudi Arabia proudly unveiled a new bid logo and slogan “Forward for Asia”.

With a positive momentum being created in Asian football, bringing the AFC Asian Cup 2027 to Saudi Arabia for the first-time ever, is the opportunity to ensure that the football momentum being created is not only carried forward, but that it is renewed and expanded to include each and every football association across Asia.

SAFF President Yasser Al-Mashal said, “As we in Saudi Arabia undertake our own transformation forward through our national Vision 2030, we want to use our long-standing passion for football as a catalyst for the continued growth of football across Asia. Our vision for the 2027 AFC Asian Cup is to build much more than a tournament. We want to create a massive move forward for all of Asia, one that is focused on creating a new experience, a new exchange and a new expansion. We look forward to sharing our ideas with the entire Asian football family in the coming months.”

SAFF has a long and successful football history, having won the AFC Asian Cup three times and qualified for the FIFA World Cup five times but until now has never hosted an official AFC Asian Cup in the Kingdom.

SAFF General Secretary, Ibrahim Alkassim followed by saying, “The Saudi Arabian Football Association is not only committed to hosting an exceptional AFC Asian Cup in 2027, but we are also committed to creating a strong impact across Asian football as part of organizing the tournament here in Saudi Arabia. Bringing the AFC Asian Cup to Saudi Arabia for the first-time ever, is the unique opportunity to carry forward the momentum of football in our region and across Asia. We are committed to making a 2027 Asian Cup in Saudi Arabia a huge step forward for all AFC Member Associations.”

The Saudi 2027 bid logo represents the powerful combination of three elements, the golden falcon, football and wings. The golden falcon Saudi Arabia’s national bird which highlights the ongoing passion of the nation is combined with football which portrays the nation’s commitment to hosting the 2027 AFC Asian Cup and ensuring renewal, expansion and positive momentum; the logo then lastly integrates with the wings which resemble partnership and moving forward. The combination symbolizes the boldness, strength and commitment of the Kingdom to Asian football. Together with the slogan “Forward for Asia” this compliments the forward-thinking vision set out by Saudi 2027 for the tournament and for future of football across Asia.

For more information about Saudi 2027, please go to the website: www.Saudi2027.com or email media@Saudi2027.com. Please also follow the bid on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.