ZURICH: FIFA has pressed the Swiss judicial authorities again for more information about the issues behind the criminal investigation into world football federation president Gianni Infantino.

Swiss media reports claim that Infantino himself has written, with some impatience, to special prosecutor Stefan Keller for an explanation about the “legal basis” of the case.

Keller announced his opening of the investigation on July 30 . It focuses on informal meetings, in 2016 and 2017, between Infantino and the then Swiss Attorney-General Michael Lauber.

FIFA first wrote to Keller for further information the following day, telling local media: “So far, Mr Keller has not provided any explanation regarding the legal basis of the investigation. We remain in the dark about the allegations.

“Mr Infantino will cooperate fully with the investigation and wishes to be heard so that this issue is resolved as quickly as possible.”

The issues being studied, according to the Swiss authorities, are “abuse of authority, violation of official secrecy, obstruction of criminal proceedings and the instigation of these offences.”

Lauber quit as AG on August 31 after his immunity was lifted by a parliamentary committees.