KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS: Thomas Bach is confident that the development of an anti- coronavirus vaccine will allow not only competitors but also fans to attend next year’s rescheduled Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The president of the International Olympic Committee was speaking during a long-delayed visit to the Japanese capital which he began by meeting new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

Bach’s trip figured in his strategy,¬†which includes a meeting with Japanese athletes, a tour of the future Olympic village and new National Stadium. to reassure the outside world that this time the Games will go ahead.

The IOC president’s comments echoed his message after last week’s virtual meeting of the IOC executive board.

Bach, after his first meeting with Suga following the latter’s accession to power in mid-September, insisted the IOC would endeavour to ensure that all athletes would be vaccinated against the coronavirus “if a vaccine is available by then .” He and Suga were “completely determined” to make the games a “great success.”

He added: “Together¬†we can make these Olympics and the Olympic flame the light at the end of the tunnel.”