The AC Milan striker doesn’t like his name and face being used in the FIFA video game. He wants that to stop and that we stop making money on his back. He asks for an investigation …

Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Monday challenged the use of his “name” and “face” in the FIFA video game, produced by Electronic Arts (EA), in two tweets where he attacked FIFA and to the world union of FIFPro players.

The FiIFA franchise, born in the 1990s, is one of the most popular video games in the world, hailed for its realism and for the fact that it contains the real names and physical appearances of the players, under license. .

“Who authorized FIFA EA Sport to use my name and face? I was not told that I was a member of FIFPro and, if I am, I was registered without actually being informed, in a doubtful way. And one thing is certain, I have never authorized FIFA or FIFPro to make money with me, ”the 39-year-old AC Milan striker denounced on Twitter.

“Someone has been making a profit on my name and my face without any agreement for all these years. It is time to investigate, ”he added in a second message to his more than 7 million subscribers.

FIFA, directly mentioned by the star, could not be reached.

The 2020 version of FIFA had attracted nearly 35 million console and PC players, according to a figure released by the US publisher earlier this month. The 2021 version was released a few weeks ago.