KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS: The family of Emiliano Sala, the Cardiff City striker who died in a plane crash in the English Channel, has launched legal action against the Welsh club – for which he had just signed – and selling outfit Nantes.

Last January it was two years since Sala lost his life when the plane in which he and pilot David Ibbotson were traveling crashed.

An investigation ruled that the plane crashed into the sea after suffering a technical problem when flying faster than it could. Additionally, the pilot could have been incapacitated by fumes ahead of the crash.

According to the family’s lawyers, the decision to sue had been taken to “protect their interests”, although the process will not begin until after the completion of the inquest and the trial of David Henderson who rented the plane to Ibbotson.

The family’s legal team has listed 13 defendants, including both clubs as well as Mark McKay, who worked on the signing of the footballer, his father Willie McKay, the company that rented the plane and those who took care of its maintenance.