BERN: Michel Platini, former president of European football federation and vice-president of world governng body FIFA, has been interviewed again at the Swiss public prosecutor’s office over the long-running controversy over a “disloyal payment” of $2m in 2011.

Platini has always insisted that the payment, approved on FIFA’s behalf by then president Sepp Blatter, was a long-delayed sum due for work he undertook for the organisation between 1999 and 2001.

A source close to Platini said: “Michel Platini was attentive to the presentation of the elements and the interpretations presented by the prosecutor [Thomas] Hildbrand. He remains very confident that this procedure will allow him to prove his integrity.”

According to the prosecution, this was his “final hearing” before the end of the investigation. Platini will either be exonerated or summonsed for trial.

He is accused, among other charges,  of fraud and breach of trust. The maximum sentence is five years in prison.

Blatter is also due to be interviewed again but his hearing has been delayed because he is recovering from heart surgery.