KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS: Football’s law-making body,. the International Board, has agreed in a video conference to extend until December 31, 2022, the temporary amendment  gjiving competition organisers the option of allowing teams to use up to five substitutes per match.

This means the rule adjustment will be in force for the 2o22 World Cup finals in Qatar and is then likely to become permanent.

An IFAB statement said: “The decision follows a global analysis of the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on football, as well as representations from several key stakeholders from across the football community.

“Introduced in May 2020, the temporary amendment is aimed at supporting player welfare, in particular where schedules have been disrupted, often leading to competitions being played in a condensed period (see The IFAB circular nos 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23).

“The IFAB will continue to review the impact of the pandemic on football and consult with its stakeholders on this important welfare matter.”