LUXEMBOURG: The European Court of Justice has confirmed registered an application to rule on the legal challenge by the controversial Super League against disciplinary action by world and European federations FIFA and UEFA.

On April 20 a judge in the Madrid Commercial Court ordered an injunction against FIFA and UEFA from acting against the remaining members of the aborted Super League – Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid.

Judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara then decided to refer the case to the European Court in Luxembourg for a definitive ruling on whether FIFA and UEFA would be guilty of guilty of abuse of a dominant position and thereby infringing European Union competition regulations.

This is the same court which prompted one football revolution back in 1995 with the so-called Bosman Verdict which drove a legal coach and horses through transfer system and player movement rules.

In mid-May UEFA announced the start of a disciplinary investigation for a possible breach of regulations by Real Madrid , Barcelona and Juventus.

The trio had not formally resigned from the Super League project as had Arsenal , Milan , Chelsea, Atletico Madrid , Inter Milan , Liverpool , Manchester City , Manchester United and Tottenham.