NYON/KIEV: UEFA has acted against the Ukraine over the controversial badges on its shirt for the Euro 2020 FINALS.

The European federation has ruled that a map showing the disputed territory of Crimea could be retained, despite objections from Russia, but the phrase ‘Glory to the heroes’ should be removed because of military connotations.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 but it remains an internationally-recognised territory of Ukraine.

UEFA said the map was not a concern because it reflected United Nations-recognised borders, nor was the phrase “Glory to Ukraine”. But the second phrase was too overtly political and militaristic.

Earlier this week Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy wore the shirt in posting a selfie on Instagram.

FA president Andriy Pavelko said he would hold emergency talks with UEFA in Rome where the finals kick off tomorrow with a game between Italy and Turkey attended by senior international football officials, politicians and stakeholders.

He wrote on Facebook: “This slogan has long been a traditional greeting for our fans at all stadiums and at all matches of the national team of Ukraine.”

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said sport should not be mixed with politics.