KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS: Brisbane, as plotted by IOC president Thomas Bach, and his Australian political ally John Coates, will host the Olympic Games in 2032.

The International Olympic Committee dumped the old traditional bidding system after the reordered awards of 2024 and 2028 to Paris and Los Angeles and took the decision-making in house, amid its own executive board.

In February the board approved Brisbane to go forward as the only candidate for 2032 and the rubber stamp was applied by the IOC Session in Tokyo. Brisbane won 72-5 with three t abstentions.

Presumably the grumpy eight were from cities and countries upset at being denied even the right to bid.

Australia last hosted the Games in Sydney in 2000, while they were held in Melbourne in 1956 – apart from the equestrian events which were held in Stockholm because of animal import health controls.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the IOC in a live link from his office: “We know what it takes to deliver a successful Games in Australia.”

Morrison said in a statement he was “absolutely thrilled” by his country’s success in securing a third Games, calling it “a historic day not just for Brisbane and Queensland, but for the entire country.
He added: “We know the impact on Sydney more than two decades ago was transformative, and we can now expect a repeat for Brisbane and communities across Queensland.
“I’m sure this news will be a big encouragement for all our athletes preparing to compete in Tokyo, and hopefully serve as inspiration for future generations of athletes right across the country. It’s a proud day for Queenslanders and Australians everywhere.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told voters: “We want to show the world that mid-sized cities and regions can host the Games without financial distress or missed deadlines.”

Brisbane said it already has 84pc of stadia and venues in place and events will be staged across Queensland, including in Gold Coast, which hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The city’s famous cricket stadium, known as the Gabba, will be upgraded and may host the sport. If so, it will be cricket’s first appearance since the 1900 Paris Games.

A new swimming arena is planned and billions of dollars will be spent on transport projects – not because of the Olympics but in time for them, Brisbane officials said.