KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS: Super League founders Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid have welcomed a Spanish court’s confirmation of an order barring European federation UEFA from pursuing disciplinary action over the failed breakaway project.

In a joint statement the three clubs also welcomed UEFA’s cancellation of disciplinary proceedings and reaffirmed their determination to continue the Super League project.

The Madrid commercial court had imposed an initial injunction against UEFA which has now been confirmed because the entire issue has been registered for a ruling by the European Court of Justice on whether UEFA’s monopolistic stance breaches European Union competitions law.

In May UEFA punished Arsenal, AC Milan, Chelsea, Atlético Madrid, Internazionale, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham by order the withholding of five per cent of their income from European competitions and ordered them to donate €15m to grassroots development.

In the event of a repeat offence the nine clubs would have had to pay heavy fines.

As for the three rebellious clubs who remained in their Super League project until the end, UEFA reserved time for reflection to decide on a sanction and had launched disciplinary action. This has now been abandoned.

A joint press release from Juventus, Barça and Real Madrid said: “It is our duty to deal with the serious problems facing football. This monopoly position [of UEFA] harms football and its competitive balance.

“Our objective is to continue to develop the Super League project in a constructive and collaborative way, counting on the contribution […] of supporters, players, coaches, clubs, leagues and federations”.