PARIS: French international defender Jean-Pierre Adams, who had been in a deep coma since 1982 after a catastrophic error in anesthesia while undergoing knee surgery, has died aged 73 at the University Hospital of Nîmes.

Adams, born in Senegal in 1948), arrived in France in 1958, where 12 years later he began his career as a professional footballer. 

He spent three years at Olympique de Nîmes (1970-73) and four at Nice (1973-77) before signing for Paris Saint-Germain where he played two seasons between 1977 and 79.

Adams played 22 caps for France between 1972 and 1976, forming an effective central defensive partnership with Maurius Trésor.

An anesthesia error on March 17, 1982 – in an operation for a torn ligament in one knee – left him in a vegetative state.