MIAMI: The central and north American football confederation has yet to be fully convinced of the practical value of staging the World Cup every two years.

Gianni Infantino, president of world federation FIFA, launched a feasibility study after a vote to that effect in congress earlier this year.

Africa is in favour but Europe’s UEFA and South America’s CONMEBOL have come out as opponents of a concept which would throw the overall international sporting calendar into confusion. Also opposed is the World Leagues Forum which represents many major domestic competitions including the European Big-Five.

Now CONCACAF – despite being led by Canadian Victor Montagliani, an ally of Infantino as a FIFA vice-president – has stated in has an “open mind.”

A statement said:

“Our first analysis is to recognize the merits of creating new international calendars that are based on fewer international breaks, reduced travel for players, friendlies replaced by meaningful matches and a more balanced structure for the overall benefit of the development of football on a global scale.

 We will continue to consider these proposals constructively, with an open mind and in a spirit of positive engagement. Now is not the time to sow fear.

Concacaf welcomes the fact that FIFA’s head of development, Mr. Arsène Wenger has shown transparency in sharing his vision and we are studying currently the impact of the proposed changes on football in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

The statement encouraged “all members of the global football family to come together to find collaboration.”