KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS: A Spanish judge has given European football federation UEFA a five-day deadline to confirm that it had complied with an order to scrap disciplinary measures against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus over the Super League fiasco.

Judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara, sitting in Mercantile Court 14, recalled the court’s proceedings of April 20 and July 1.

He issued his order but had not apparently received any response on behalf of UEFA.

A continuing failure to comply, said Ruiz de Lara, would risk the imposition of financial penalties and request that the prosecutor’s office open a case against UEFA for contempt.

He stated that he considered UEFA to be acting “outside the rule of law , in open promotion of practices that compromise the principle of free competition in the relevant market for the organization of professional football competitions in the European Union .”

The original case had been referred to the European Court for an opinion on whether the Super League was in breach of European competition law.

Ruiz de Lara indicated that a mere announcement of action being suspended would not be sufficient.