ZURICH: FIFA Congress will decide on the host(s) for the 2027 Women’s World Cup on May 17 next year.

A FIFA statement said:

The process for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027™ maintains all key elements from the successful FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ bidding process, such as the publication of key content and documentation, the inclusion of robust rules of conduct and the implementation of a comprehensive evaluation model.

In addition, the 2027 process has been further enhanced to include the following new elements:

Decision-making process

The FIFA Council will select up to three bids, with the FIFA Congress then voting to appoint the host(s) through an open vote.

Bid Evaluation Task Force

FIFA will establish a Bid Evaluation Task Force to evaluate all bids submitted for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027. The composition of the Bid Evaluation Task Force will be approved by the FIFA Council following confirmation of the bidding member associations.

In addition to appointing an independent audit company to monitor FIFA’s compliance with the principles and procedures of the bidding process, each bidder will also be required to appoint a Bid Compliance and Ethics Officer to monitor their compliance with the bidding process.

Key dates

Member associations will have until 21 April 2023 to submit their expressions of interest to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027.

Other key dates include:

19 May 2023: Member associations to confirm their interest in bidding to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup by submitting the Bidding Agreement

August 2023: Bid workshop and observer programme to take place during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

8 December 2023: Member associations to submit their bids to FIFA

February 2024: FIFA to organise on-site inspection visits to bidding countries

May 2024: Publication of FIFA’s Bid Evaluation Report

Q2 2024: Designation of bids by the FIFA Council

17 May 2024: Appointment of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027 host(s) by the FIFA Congress