LONDON: Harry Redknapp has rejected reports that he has been offered a contract extension to stay with Tottenham in the face of speculation that he will be offered the England job abandoned by Fabio Capello last month.

Reports on Friday claimed chairman Daniel Levy was offering Redknapp a four-year deal and a £50m transfer fund in an attempt to shut the door on any approach by the Football Association.

Redknapp said: “No-one’s told me about it. No, it’s not the case. I speak to Daniel Levy every day and he wants me to stay but at the moment he hasn’t made me an offer of a contract and I haven’t pushed him to either . . . We’ve never discussed spending money in the summer, or amounts of money. It’s never come up in conversation at all.”

Spurs’ manager also said he was unaware of a letter supposedly sent to all Premier League managers telling them not to tip him for the England job. This followed a coment to that effect on Thursday from Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson.