BARCELONA: Lionel Messi needs now to score ‘just’ two goals tonigh/Tuesday against Granada to overrake 1950s’ hero Cesar Rodriguez as the club’s all-time top scorer in competitive football.

The Argentinian totals 231 goals for the world, European and Spanish champions while Cesar’s total has been cut from 235 to 232 after a revision by the club’s statistics department.

This, according to a statement on Barcelona’s website, resolved discrepancies – clearly in Messi’s favour.

The statement added: “After studying all of Cesar’s matches, it has been confirmed that Messi is only one goal behind. Also, while¬†Cesar Rodriguez is the club’s all-time top goalscorer in official matches the absolute record belongs to Paulino Alcantara who scored 369 goals in 357 official and friendly matches.”

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