NYON: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger hassaid he will appeal against a three-game touchline ban imposed by European federation UEFA.

His third such suspension in 12 months followed his angry confrontation with the referee after the Gunners’ Champions League second round exit against AC Milan earlier this month.

Arsenal won 3-0 at home to the Italian club but lost 4-3 on aggregate. Wenger, who criticised referee Damir Skomina and UEFA at the post-match press conference, also confronted the official in the stadium tunnel and is alleged to have called him a ‘******* disgrace’.

Wenger has also been fined €40,000 and intends to take advantage of the three-day deadline for an appeal.

Last year he was handed a one-match touchline ban last year for a verbal volley at referee Massimo Busacca after Arsenal’s Champions League exit to Barcelona. He was then banned for two more games for contravening the initial ban during August’s Champions League qualifier against Udinese after communicating with coach Boro Primorac from the stands.

Wenger said: “I will straightaway appeal. Referees in the Champions League are unspeakable, untouchable icons and the only word they understand after a game is ‘report.’ It’s very difficult to understand.

“Last year I was suspended two times. The first time was not just and the second time was a joke.”

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