SAO PAULO: Anti-World Cup protests have resumed in Sao Paulo which, at the start of June, will host FIFA Congress and the Opening Match of the 2014 finals in Brazil.

A group of masked, chanting and placard-waving protesters staged a protest in an shopping mall forcing shopping staff to bring down the shutters as security guards moved in.

The fifth such protest this year of what are promised to be a series of ‘lightning actions’ – called rolezinhos  – was staged near the Itaquerão stadium which will host the Opening Match between Brazil and Croatia.

Shopping malls and transport hubs – including airports – are the most likely targets of the protesters who object that the monies for the World Cup could have been better used within the social welfare budget.

Although the protests which began before last year’s Confederations Cup began with a row over bus fare increases, the MPL ( Free Pass Movement )  has not been involved formally thus far in this year’s demonstrations.