KIEV: Confusion in the closing weeks of the scheduled Ukraine football season has seen the federation order that all weekend matches be played behind closed doors writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

This follows unrest across the breadth of the country as tensions rose on Russia’s Victory Day which also saw a visit by President Vladimir Putin the annexed Crimea.

The Ukraine federation extended its closed-doors order to next Thursday’s cup final – if it even goes ahead – between Kiev Dynamo and Shakhtar from turbulent Donetsk.

Kharkiv was due to host the final but city officials have asked for it to be moved for fear of provoking violence between rival separatist groups.

A decision remains pending on venues and access to matches in the final round of the league championship next weekend. In the meantime a match between Crimea’s Sevastopol and Metalist Kharkiv was switched to Kiev.