FRANKFURT: Felix Zwayer, Germany’s Referee of the Year, has been revealed as more deeply involved in the Robert Hoyzer matchfix scandal than had been reported.

Media reports have claimed that the FIFA referee received a small cash sum from from the main culprits during their manipulation of former referee Hoyzer. This has emerged from the report of the disciplinary commission of the German football association in from 2006.

In May 2004 before a lower league game between Wuppertal and Werder Bremen II, Zwayer received €300 from Hoyzer to “to overlook, as assistant referee, critical situations for Wuppertal SV”. In such cazes Zwayer would not signal an infringement to referee Hoyzer.

In November 2005 Zwayer was suspended for six months because he had not reported suspicious incidents. The DFB had requested a nine-month ban.

Hoyzer had manipulated results of several games on behalf of a Croatia-led betting mafia. He was jailed for 14 months in 2005 for fixing games in the Germany cup and second division.