KEIR RADNEDGE at WEMBLEY: Only one factor was beyond Arsene Wenger’s control on Cup Final day: where and how he and his team would be celebrating their 4-0 victory over Aston Villa writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Wenger, asked how he would be marking the Gunners’ 12 Cup triumph, said it was all down to the players, adding: “I have organised all the rest of the season now, for once, this is up to them.”

The Frenchman had few moments of concern. He said: “It was convincingly won. I never felt the focus dropped or the quality dropped and it became comfortable in the end.

“We missed some chances in the first half but then had two important moments in scoring just before and after half-time. I had many difficult decisions to make because I had to leave big players out of the squad but I tried to find a good balance.

“It was for us to dominate the midfield and I knew that if we could do that we would be dangerous. Now we can push on. We have won the Premier League in the past and that’s what we want to do again.”

No argument

Villa manager Tim Sherwood had no argument with the result, only disappointment that his team failed to play even as well as they might have managed.

He said: “Arsenal deserved to win. They are outstanding world-class footballers and we could not nullify their threat or impose ourselves on them. We were outplayed by a far better team. I tried to stop them but it wasn’t possible. You never want to climb those stairs first.

“We will have as many changes as we can possibly do for next season. Some of the boys have already been told they won’t be here.”