BUENOS AIRES: More than 3,000 fans of Boca Juniors so far have signed an online campaign challenging a plan to build a new stadium to replace the legendary Bombonera (chocolate box).

The petition was launched through the website Change.org and states: “We Boca Juniors’ partners and fans, join in this request for the sole purpose of letting you, the person concerned, know, that we strongly oppose the construction of a new stadium and therefore we also oppose La Bombonera’s retirement,” said the online letter.

It has been picked up on social networks including Twitter where #DeLaBomboneraNoNosVamos” (“We Will Not Leave La Bombonera”) has been among top trends.

The new stadium plan was announced by the current board, lead by president Daniel Angelici, conditional upon their re-election in December.

Angelici said: “The proposal is to use the Casa Amarilla (Yellow House) grounds that border La Bombonera. It will feature a five-star stadium with an indoor swimming pool and a basketball court, like the stadiums appearing all over the world.”

Opposition candidates have announced competing plans to expand La Bombonera rather than move out.

Opened in May 25, 1940, La Bombonera was Argentina’s main stadium has long since by out-sized in capacity by River Plate’s Estadio Monumental along with Cordoba’s Mario Alberto Kempes and the Ciudad de La Plata.

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