RIO DE JANEIRO: The Court of Rio suspended, on a provisional basis, the holding of an extraordinary general meeting convened by the CBF for the election of a new vice-president.

The Second Civil Court upheld the request of the president of the Santa Catarina Football Federation, Delfim Peixoto Filho of Padua, in the late afternoon on Friday. Thus, the election scheduled for next Wednesday has been suspended.

According to the order issued by Judge Mauro Cunha Olinto Son “there is a call by the President of the defendant (CBF) to fill one of the vice-president positions without even there being an indication of which of the five positions would be vacant.”

The magistrate also considered “that there is evidence of irregularities in the form of meeting summons (on December 4, 2015), made in haste because Del Nero had offered his resignation the day before.”

The press office of the CBF said the body “was not informed of the decision and will manifest in due course on the subject.”

The extraordinary general meeting was convened on Friday of last week as the first act of the interim president of the CBF, Congressman Vicente Marcus.

House arrest

The intention was to elect a candidate to replace José Maria Marin, who is under house arrest in New York after being indicted in the FIFAGate corruption investigation.

The intention of the ‘retired’ CBF president, Marco Polo Del Nero, is to try to elect his associate, Colonel Antonio Carlos Nunes as vice-president of the organisation. Nunes would then become the oldest vice-president which, under CBF statutes, would automatically turn him into  the president if there were a vacancy.

A report on the CBF chaos is reportedly being assessed by world federation FIFA which has the power to suspend Brazil if it believes the federation to be in crisis because of an irregular election.

The FIFA ethics committee is also believed to be reviewing whether Del Nero, who deliberately abandoned his executive committee duties for fear of stepping outside the safety of Brazil.

Del Nero stepped down from the CBF leadership ‘temporarily’ last week after being indicted by the FBI of corruption. Interim president is Congressman Vicente Marcus.

It was Vicente who called the elections for the post of vice-president, the same day Nunes, the president of Pará federation, launched his own campaign. If elected Nunes, 77, would out-rank 74-year-old Dauphin Padua, the head of the Catarinense federation and a long-time critic of Del Nero.