NYON: Gianni Infantino, the general secretary of European federation, who is running for the presidency of world governing body FIFA has included the following proposals in his manifesto:

Reforms and Good Governance

  • Create a new FIFA Council and clearly separate powers and functions
  • Introduce term limits of a maximum of 12 years for the FIFA President and FIFA Council members
  • Appoint independent members and respected football representatives from across the game to relevant FIFA Committees and create a new Football Stakeholders’ Committee with representatives from clubs, leagues and players
  • Appoint a Chief Compliance Officer to further enhance governance standards and promote the principle of financial transparency in all of FIFA’s activities
  • Introduce a proper institutional framework to ensure full transparency of money flows
  • Implement a fully transparent bidding process for the FIFA World Cup
  • Disclose remuneration of senior FIFA officials
  • Implement a fully open tendering process for commercial and operational contracts

Democracy and Participation

  • Create structures to ensure FIFA becomes a fully working, participative democracy with Member Associations intimately involved in FIFA’s decisions making processes
  • Hold regular strategy meetings with Member Associations’ Top Executives
  • Bring more diversity into FIFA, focusing on gender equality and representation from all around the globe

Football Development 

  • Expanding tailor-made development programmes to address the specific needs of each Member Association to develop football in their country with a special focus on infrastructure and equipment
  • Streamline and coordinate all initiatives at FIFA, Confederations and Member Associations to avoid duplication
  • Create an Exchange and Internship Programme to better facilitate the sharing of knowledge across football
  • Support Member Associations focusing on participation of boys and girls at younger levels
  • Intensify efforts to promote women’s football
  • Promote club licensing as a development tool
  • Create the LEGENDS Team to better reconnect with players and leverage their exposure to promote football as a tool for social good
  • Clear rotation system for the FIFA World Cup whereby each Confederation would have to wait at least two editions before hosting the tournament again
  • Start an open debate with all stakeholders on greater use of technology in football
  • Improve relations with clubs
  • Create a fair and transparent transfer system
  • Revamp the FIFA rankings
  • Use the social role of football to help improve society in various areas
  • Create a special travel costs funds for Member Associations with specific travel needs to ensure that no Member Association is prejudices by its remote location or the high cost of travel
  • Expand the FIFA World Cup to 40 teams
  • Aim in the future to earmark at least 50% of FIFA revenues for direct distribution to its Member Associations for football development projects.  In the meantime, the following development grants will be allocated:

–          $5 million over four years per Member Association for investment in football development projects

–          $40 million over four years per Confederation for investment in football development projects

–          $1 million over four years for travel costs for Member Associations who need support

–          $4 million over four years to each of the regional associations, in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean,  earmarked to organise youth tournaments for boys and girls

  • All development grants will be distributed in strict accordance with the significant governance reforms outlined to ensure full transparency and the highest standards of accountability and openness

** Gianni Infantino has been UEFA General Secretary since October 2009 having joined the organisation in 2000.