BUENOS AIRES: Belgrano president Armando Perez is to head the normalisation committee created by world football federation FIFA to try to bring some order to chaotioc affairs of the Argentinian federation.

The AFA, in a mess since the death of Julio Grondona in the summer of 2014, had been unable to elect a new president and become trapped in wrangling over a reorganisation of the league system.

Finding anyone to even sit on the emergency commission proved a problem. FIFA wanted a panel of seven but has been forced to settle for four.

Perez, owner of the Cordona club Belgrano, will lead the commission supported by deputy Javier Medín, a former member of the legal department at Boca Juniors under Mauricio Macri, who is now state president.

The other two members will be the president the Federal Council of the AFA, Pablo Toviggino, and lawyer Carolina Cristinziano.

A FIFA statement said: “The commission will be in charge of running the daily affairs of the AFA, revising the AFA statutes in order to bring them in line with the current FIFA standard statutes, and organising elections accordingly by June 30, 2017, at the latest. The normalisation committee will act as an electoral committee and none of its members will be eligible for any of the open positions.”

Most pressing issue is for the commission to appoint a new national coach after the resignation of Gerardo Martino for the next round of World Cup qualifiers.